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To Our Devoted Members and Friends:

We are very pleased to inform you that on April 15th, 2009, after 11 years of searching and saving, the Washington DC Center's long-held dream of finding a permanent home finally became a physical reality!  This accomplishment, achieved with the help and support of so many, is a wonderful testament to the enthusiasm, dedication, generosity, and loyalty of all Self-Realization Fellowship members and friends who reside (or previously resided) in the Washington DC Metro area.  The new building is located at 4911 Niagara Road in the suburb of College Park and is ideally located in the center of a fifty-mile radius where many of the Washington DC Center's devotees currently live and work. 

4911 frontview

This purchase begins a new era for the DC Center and ends a forty year period of transiency during which we moved fourteen different times seeking appropriate facilities to conduct our services, group meditations, special inspirational activities, Sunday school classes and fellowship activities. In 1998, following Mother Center's guidance, we started a building fund with the goal of raising $500,000.00 to purchase a permanent building in the Washington DC Metro area.  As the years went by, several locations were examined, but all were either too expensive or did not adequately meet our needs. Then suddenly, as the real estate market sharply declined in 2008, just a few yards from our current rented facility, literally just across the parking lot, a suitable building was discovered for sale.
After consulting with Mother Center, the DC Center voted to move ahead with a contract offer, and placed a bid with the seller in an attempt to purchase the property. We were not deterred from moving forward by the fact that an offer had already been made by another buyer, despite this not being encouraging, because we knew that if God and Guru wanted us to have this building, somehow things would work out on our behalf.  Therefore we were overjoyed-but not completely surprised!-when a short time later we were informed that the previous offer had fallen through and that the preliminary offer had been accepted. Seeing the hand of God and Gurus at work, the DC Center building committee quickly moved forward with a diligent study and inspection of the building to insure that it was sound and in compliance with many county and city building codes. When the study was completed, the results were reviewed with Mother Center, and a short time later, the final offer of $575,000 was accepted by the seller.  All were thrilled and amazed at Master's frugal guidance, since it meant that we would have almost $50,000 leftover to begin initial renovations of the building! 


The two-story building contains approximately 10,000 square feet-over four times the size of our  present rented location-with ample space for a large meditation sanctuary, Sunday school rooms, monastic quarters, book room, social hall, and plenty of storage space.  However, the building is over 50 years old and will need extensive interior and exterior upgrades and remodeling to meet our needs - as well as to beautify it and give it the appearance and dignity of a Self-Realization Fellowship Center.  When the renovations are completed, it is expected that this building will meet the growing needs of the DC Center for many years to come and serve as the first permanent home in the Nation's Capitol for Guruji's Self-Realization Fellowship work.

As you can imagine, the total cost of remodeling the inside and outside of the building will be considerable and beyond the $50,000 we currently have available.  Therefore, we are asking you, our devoted members and friends, for your generous support.  Even if you are presently unable to contribute in any material way in these difficult economic times, the contribution of your prayers, positive thoughts, and spiritual support is also important, and will go a long way toward helping us meet our short and long-term goals.  As the renovations plans for the new building crystallize over the next few months, additional updates and further estimates of the total financial need will be provided.
If you would like to learn how to make a monetary donation to help complete the renovation of the DC Center building, or to assist with immediate maintenance of the new building, click here to visit the DC Center SRF website:  http://www.dccentersrf.org/Donations.html .You will see in the instructions that donations to our building fund can be tax-deductible to the fullest extent for U.S. Federal Income Tax purposes when checks are made out to SRF. 
Throughout the years, many have told us of their gratitude for the wonderful benefits they have received by attending the Washington DC Center. With this building acquisition, Paramahansa Yogananda's work in the nation's capital, Washington DC, and the DC metro area, is entering a new phase and looks forward to welcoming many more truth-seekers to the Center, where we can experience the peace, love, joy and bliss that comes from God communion and divine fellowship.

Master Let us take to heart these words written by Our Beloved Guru:

     "This work marches on in all lands. You do your part. Spread the work through your own lips, through your own devotion, through your own actions. Develop your powers of devotion to God. If you pick up even a straw and give it to God, He will accept your devotion".


In Divine Friendship,
DC Center of  Self Realization Fellowship

Washington DC Center of Self-Realization Fellowship
4911 Niagara Rd., College Park, Md 20740
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