Washington D.C. Center of SRF Elected Positions

To serve as an Officer, Council Member, Service Reader, Sunday School Teacher or Sunday School Assistant, a devotee must be a Kriyaban, elected at the annual spring election and approved by Mother Center. Those interested in serving in any of these positions should contact the Center Coordinator for more information.

Managing Council – The Centerís Managing Council consists of the three officers listed below and four at-large members. The Council meets approximately once per month and plans, schedules and guides the Centerís activities. It guides the Centerís budget and expenditures of funds, establishes and guides service teams, maintains liaison with the teams, maintains communications with SRF Mother Center, and plans General Business Meetings of the Center as they are needed..

Center Coordinator – It is the duty of the Center Coordinator to see that the various activities of the Center are harmonious and in accordance with guidelines from Mother Center. The Coordinator acts as presiding officer at all Center business and Council meetings (or appoints another officer to act in his/her stead.) All Center reports and correspondence sent to Mother Center must be initialed by the coordinator.

Secretary – The Secretary is in charge of maintaining regular correspondence with Mother Center, unless done by the Coordinator. This officer also takes brief minutes at all Center business and Council meetings and sends a copy to Center Department. The Secretary also maintains a file of all correspondence with Center Department and fills out a general report to send to them twice per year.

Treasurer – The Treasurer is responsible for the complete accounting of all Center funds and for all deposits to and expenditures from the Centerís accounts. The Treasurer submits an annual financial report to Center Department at the end of the year and also makes a monthly accounting report to the Council.

Managing Council Members-at-Large – These devotees serve in many different capacities, as needed, including serving as liaisons to service teams, and have a vote in all managing council decisions. Council members at large may also serve concurrently as service readers, whereas Center Officers normally do not.

Service Readers – Service Readers lead services at the Center according to the guidelines in the SRF service manual. The reader is sometimes also the chant leader/ harmonium player but this is optional as another volunteer is often scheduled to lead the chants. The Harmonium Player does not need to be elected.

Sunday School Teachers – Sunday School teachers lead classes for children ages 4-12 and a teen class for Individuals ages 13-19 in our upstairs room at the Center. The teachers introduce the children to the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, meditation and devotional chanting and illustrate spiritual principles through group creative activities and crafts.

Sunday School Assistants – Assistants help Sunday School teachers with Sunday School activities as mentioned above.

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