Washington D.C. Center of SRF Volunteer Service Teams

The Washington D.C. Center of S.R.F. is maintained with the help of many volunteers who serve on numerous service teams. Information about these teams is listed below for those interested in volunteering. All are welcome to serve!

Bhakti Team – The Bhakti team plans, provides, prepares and serves Indian food (including room setup and cleanup after event) for these special events: Paramahansa Yogananda's Birthday Social, Fundraising Event, Monastic Visit, Volunteer Appreciation Social, Center Tour Dinner with the Monastics.

Bookroom – The Bookroom Team serves in three capacities. The cashier uses a computer program to record the sales of books, tapes, gifts, and other items from the bookroom and SRF catalog. The donation volunteer counts the donations from the different services, fills out a financial summary report and makes the bank deposit. Inventory servers take inventory and help maintain the free literature.

Caring Friends – The Caring Friends Team provides spiritual and emotional support for Center members who are in need of assistance due to illness, loss of a loved one, disability, birth of a child, aging, or other crisis situations; Volunteer devotees are available to help with home and hospital visits, fellowship through phone calls, emails and prayer. All those who would like to volunteer for service in Caring Friends are welcome. The “Caring Friends Team” meets quarterly and closes their meeting with a healing service. “Caring Friends” volunteers provide services as their individual schedules permit.

Cleaning – The Cleaning Team is responsible for regular maintenance cleaning of the Center. Their cleaning duties include vacuuming, dusting and cleaning as needed in the chapel, entry foyer, bookroom and upstairs social room and cleaning of bathrooms. They also help with special annual cleaning projects such as cleaning windows, blinds and walls.

Flowers and Room Setup - The Flower Team volunteers are in charge of preparing flower arrangements for the chapel and entry foyer for services at the Center and for special events such as Monastic Visits. They are also in charge of preparing the special room setup and flower arrangements for the commemorative services..

Fund Raising – The Fund Raising Team researches, develops and helps implement ideas to raise funds for the Center’s Building Fund, which funds renovation of the building.

Greeters – The Greeter’s duties include greeting, welcoming and answering questions for newcomers, visitors and other members before and after Sunday and special services. They also admit latecomers to the chapel services during periods of chanting and are stationed in the entry foyer during the services. Greeters are scheduled only for Sunday morning and special commemorative services.

Kirtan Group – The Kirtan group play traditional Indian instruments to accompany devotional chanting at commemorative and meditation services that include kirtan. The group is composed of devotees who play harmonium, tambour, tablas, bells and other traditional Indian percussion instruments. They practice at a designated location.

Maintenance – The Maintenance Team is responsible for assuring the regular general care of the Center building and property, to make certain it is in good repair. This includes maintaining and repairing the Center building proper including electrical, lights, sound system, electronics system, heat, air conditioning, plumbing, physical structure, carpeting, furniture, etc. and securing yearly inspection/maintenance for gas, fire extinguishers, air conditioning, etc.

Monastic Visits – The Monastic Visits Team provides for the needs of the monastics when they visit the DC Center, including transportation, food, supplying and cleaning the monks’ rooms at the Center, planning special outings, and other needs of the monks.

Recycling – The Recycling Team plans, coordinates and oversees all recycling at the Center, including during everyday trash, potlucks, and special events.

Social Events – The Social Events Team is in charge of all socials held by the Center. Their duties include setting up, organizing and cleaning up for the monthly potluck luncheons as well as for other special social events. They also help prepare festive food, decorate the social room and arrange for entertainment for several special occasions during the year.

Ushers – The duties of the Ushers include ushering, operating the sound system and passing donation baskets at services as well as arriving ˝ hour before service to open the Center and prepare the chapel. preparations include turning on the lights, sound system, and heat or air conditioner and opening doors/windows for ventilation. The Usher is also responsible for closing the chapel after service.

Volunteers for Service Days – Volunteers assist with various tasks during Service Days, which occur as needed on Saturdays, usually two or three times a year. Tasks involve those related to the renovation (carpentry, painting, other simple construction tasks), cleaning (see Cleaning Team) and maintenance (see Maintenance Team).

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