Our Services

Reading Service - The weekly Reading Service includes chanting, brief periods of meditation, and readings from Paramahansa Yogananda’s interpretations of the Bible and the Bhagavad Gita. Each Reading Service sheds light on a particular aspect of the spiritual path through writings that Paramahansa Yogananda created specifically for these services. Reading Services are balanced services that meet the needs of both longtime SRF members and those that are new to the path.

Meditation Service – The Meditation Service provides an opportunity to practice together the methods of concentration and meditation taught in the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons. The united devotion of many yoga devotees can powerfully increase the meditational depth of each individual. The Meditation Service includes chanting, a brief inspirational reading, and a period of meditation of around 30 minutes.

World Prayer Circle Service – During this service, devotees meditate and pray for world peace and for those who have requested physical, mental or spiritual healing. The service includes practice of a healing technique taught by our Guru.

Inspirational Service – The Inspirational Service offers members an opportunity to share in fellowship of deep meditation and inspiration on Thursday evenings, at a time in the week’s activities when they may be most in need of it. The service includes chanting, an inspirational reading, and periods of extended meditation.

Sunday School Services – The Washington DC Center conducts Sunday School classes from September through May on Sunday morning from 11:00 am to 12:00 noon. The Junior Class for children, ages 4- 12, is held every Sunday. Teen Class for youths ages 13-19 (and somewhat younger with the permission of the teacher) meet the second and fourth Sundays

Commemoration Services – These services celebrate the birthday or conscious bodily exit (mahasamadhi) of the SRF Gurus. These include Christmas, Easter and Janmashtami (birthday of Bhagavan Krishna) celebrations. Participants should bring a flower symbolizing devotion, and an offering in an envelope symbolizing loyalty. All who are able to attend in a spirit of reverence and devotion are welcome.

Long Meditation Service – The Center holds long meditation services ranging from three to six hours in length. When devotees meditate together, they often are able to make a greater spiritual effort, achieving a deeper state of stillness and experiencing God’s presence in a more tangible way. Since a window may be kept partly open for fresh air, it is wise to bring a coat, blanket or shawl when it is cold.

All-Day Christmas Meditation – Paramahansa Yogananda began the tradition of celebrating a “spiritual Christmas” with an all-day meditation, in addition to the social celebration of Christmas on December 25th. The all-day meditation typically lasts from 10AM to 5:30 PM, and includes inspirational readings, meditation, listening to recordings by our Guru and his advanced disciples, and singing Christmas songs and hymns.

New Year’s Meditation – Our Guru encouraged us to use this meditation to reflect on the previous year and think how to achieve deeper attunement with God and the Gurus, and harmony with each other.

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